We have used USA Technology Center for 10 years or more

We have used USA Technology Center for 10 years or more and have always been completely satisfied with their work. They are very thorough and will get the work done to your satisfaction. Thanks to them, our PC and laptop have worked great for a long time without any problems at… Read more “We have used USA Technology Center for 10 years or more”

Val & Julie Black
Covenant Messenger Ministries
April 29, 2023

I have had several computers fixed through the years

I have had several computers fixed through the years by USA Technology Center. Each time Dan has been patient with me as I am next to being completely computer illiterate. Dan is very trust worthy, knowledgeable and has been able to fix my computers each time. I am more than pleased with the service I have received and the money I have saved from having to replace computers. I have referred USA Technology Center to others and will continue to do… Read more “I have had several computers fixed through the years”

Linda Smith
July 12, 2021

Great service!

Great service! I would and have recommended this company to… Read more “Great service!”

Tom Wilson
March 4, 2021

Many thanks for getting both the laptop and desktop up and running again

Many thanks for getting both the laptop and desktop up and running again. I highly recommend… Read more “Many thanks for getting both the laptop and desktop up and running again”

Val Black
Covenant Messenger Ministries
Shenandoah, Iowa
February 19, 2021

This is the best company ever for any computer help

This is the best company ever for any computer help, totally reliable and expert in all ways. We have used them for over 5… Read more “This is the best company ever for any computer help”

Barbara Johnson
B.J.'s Stamps and Coins
Glendale, AZ
August 24, 2020

USA Technology Center is professional and reliable!

USA Technology Center expertly updated my daughter’s Windows 10 desktop and laptop computers, updated the router firmware and installed software to allow wi-fi printing from and wi-fi scanning to both computers. All user apps were successfully updated and tested. My daughter was able to keep her computers at home and see all performed tasks. No sales pitch or excuses – just got the job done and answered all questions. USA Technology Center is professional and reliable! William, Glendale… Read more “USA Technology Center is professional and reliable!”

Glendale AZ
June 17, 2020

Val Black – Founder – Covenant Messenger Ministries

We always have great confidence in you to resolve any problems we have with our web page. Many… Read more “Val Black – Founder – Covenant Messenger Ministries”

Val Black
Covenant Messenger Ministries
Shenandoah, Iowa
January 19, 2020

John – Owner – Moore’s Service

Thank you for the prompt, and efficient repair to my HP computer. Couldn’t have done it without USA Technology… Read more “John – Owner – Moore’s Service”

Moore's Service
Council Bluffs, IA
May 24, 2019

Val Black – CMM

I don’t know what I would have done if it hadn’t been for your help. Even my web host tech support couldn’t fix all the website problems but you were able to. Thanks… Read more “Val Black – CMM”

Val Black
Covenant Messenger Ministries
Shenandoah, IA USA
June 3, 2017

William – Phoenix, AZ

I bought my daughter a new “USA Technology Center” desktop computer (2014 Christmas gift) to replace her 2009 not-what-it-use-to-be store bought desktop computer. She is very happy with the upgrade and is now able to complete many more computer related tasks in a fraction of the time it use to take. Her computer time is now significantly more productive and enjoyable. “USA Technology Center’s” attention to quality and detail is readily obvious (just look inside) and the installation assistance is genuine customer service. “USA Technology Center” also coordinated relocating the router, to improve signal strength to the home’s wireless devices, as an included benefit! If you are looking for a new desktop computer, I recommend discussing your computer technology needs with “USA Technology… Read more “William – Phoenix, AZ”

Worldwide Technical Services - IBM at American Express - Retired
Phoenix, AZ
January 10, 2015

GAQ – North Carolina

When I needed to upgrade my computer I wanted something better than “Off the Shelf”. With the great service I received in the past I thought I would try a USA Technology Center PC. Upgrading to a faster new PC with more memory was just what I needed. Your new computers are AWESOME. Thanks for all the great products and… Read more “GAQ – North Carolina”

North Carolina
December 1, 2014

Joe Harrison

My computer was so slow I found myself taking short naps waiting for a response, (slight exaggeration), but not far from the truth. A technician named Dan took control of my computer from 1000 miles away. I was able to watch every action he took and got an education along the way. I finally had to go to sleep, but Dan spent 8.5 hours working on it and it is screaming fast now! He charged me only $100 for a standard cleanup and tune up. He also did a lot of neat customization that most computer store geeks would not have done. Added security options for better protection. Dan explained everything he performed on my PC in terms I could understand and recommended “Malwarebytes Premium” for additional protection. His rate is less than what a computer store geek would charge for far inferior service. You would be making a big mistake if you parted with your computer to a stranger for who knows how many days with who knows what kind of… Read more “Joe Harrison”

Joe Harrison
June 15, 2014

Anna Knapp – Idaho

My experience with USA Technology Center has been more than anything I expected. The service is stellar, prompt, and friendly. You can have your computer serviced almost anywhere in the world. Out of town on business or on vacation is no problem. They will access you computer remotely and answer any questions you may have as you watch them do their magic. In fact, I contacted them tonight to resolve a major performance issue I had. I would highly recommend this company and give them a 5+ star rating. I worked with one of their experienced technicians named Dan. You should definitely ask if he is available. You will not be… Read more “Anna Knapp – Idaho”

Anna Knapp
April 4, 2014

L Smith – Missouri Valley, IA

My computer had “Crashed”, total black screen. I called USA Technology Center. Immediately, they started to work on my computer. I now have my computer working again, it is even faster than when it was newly purchased. I was so happy with the quick response, and GREAT customer service. I highly recommend USA Technology Center. Because of quick response I was able to continue my job search in less than 24hrs. Thank… Read more “L Smith – Missouri Valley, IA”

L Smith
Registered Nurse (RN)
Missouri Valley, IA
December 23, 2013

Karla White – NC

After receiving a call from my 16 year old to announce that “Mom Your Computer Just Went Black When I Turned It On”… I had lost my whole system thanks to his using my Computer without asking. I quickly asked for assistance from USA Technology Center. In less than a Day my Computer was in service again better than before. Thank You USA Technology Center for saving my Computer and my 16 year… Read more “Karla White – NC”

Karla White
September 11, 2013

Lisette Lenninger – Owner – Rudy’s Restaurant

After many failed attempts of trying to fix my printer complications I decided to find some assistance. I had first contacted a tech support company to fix my printer, but I really felt uneasy. I was worried that they may have stolen my personal information or even my business information. Then I called USA Technology Center and spoke with Dan. He not only fixed my printer connection and gave my computer a much needed tune up, but also spent 8 hours running virus software to remove any Malware or Remote Software installed by the previous technician. Dan didn’t find any evidence that I may have gotten scammed; which eased my worries. I highly recommend USA Technology Center to others, because not only does my computer run faster than when I had first gotten it, Dan listens to your needs, thoroughly does what he says he is going to do and doesn’t charge you until the work is complete. Thanks… Read more “Lisette Lenninger – Owner – Rudy’s Restaurant”

Lisette Lenninger
Rudy’s Restaurant
Winterset, IA
April 8, 2013

William – Glendale, AZ

The PC components and parts recommended by USA Technology Center for my new PC build are high quality for a good price. USA Technology Center provided expert technical assistance during the ordering, building and installing software steps. My new PC is the fastest and quietest one I have ever owned. A prebuilt PC of this quality from a brand name would have cost me much more and have unnecessary software/bloatware to uninstall. I would highly recommend USA Technology Center for your next… Read more “William – Glendale, AZ”

Glendale, AZ
April 5, 2013

Ronnie Starling – Owner – Streamline Collision Center, LLC

Thank you for setting up my entire computer hardware and software installation. The choices you made for the hardware and software were perfect for my new business. Setting up and installing the computer, monitor, keyboard & mouse, DSL modem, router, wired & wireless networking, printer, fax, scanner, copier, email, accounting software, specific automotive industry related software, and all the upgrades and on-call service via Onsite and Remote Support during normal workings hours, and the after hours support of evenings and weekends has met and exceeded my expectations. You allowed me to go from having a pre-business startup to being up and running in a very short period of time. Your ongoing Computer Support & Service is excellent. I highly recommend USA Technology Center, LLC for their Professional Technical Expertise in Computer Service, Support and… Read more “Ronnie Starling – Owner – Streamline Collision Center, LLC”

Ronnie Starling
Streamline Collision Center, LLC
Phoenix, AZ
March 11, 2013

WQ – IBM Retired, Arizona USA

I was delighted to witness the 2012 launch of “USA Technology Center.” I have known the owner and originator of USA Technology Center since 1985. He has provided major technical assistance to my family and me in adapting to the world of personal computers and saved us time and money. He stays current with technology and USA Technology Center is dedicated to providing skilled problem resolution without any attempt to mislead the customer. USA Technology Center performed a scan of my desktop computer. Even though the computer did not have any obvious problems, thanks to his many years of expert technical assistance, it booted, executed and shutdown faster than before the USA Technology Center scanning process. If you have a personal computer problem or question, or a question about today’s fast evolving technology, I strongly recommend contacting USA Technology Center for honest and reliable resolutions and… Read more “WQ – IBM Retired, Arizona USA”

IBM Retired
Arizona USA
January 8, 2013

Bill – Crescent, Iowa

The work done on my computer was excellent. It was great not to have to load up my unit, take it to a shop and wait for a week to get it back. All the work was done with me not having to do a thing, but sit back and watch as it was repaired at a great price! I would recommend this service to… Read more “Bill – Crescent, Iowa”

USS Enterprise (ABF) Veteran - Manager LBT Truck Manufacturing
Crescent, Iowa
December 23, 2012

GQ – North Carolina

I would like to thank USA Technology Center for your great service, knowledge, and professionalism. Also the convenience of not having to take my computer into a shop saved me time and a lot of money and hassle. I would highly recommend this company to my friends, colleagues and coworkers. Five star quality all… Read more “GQ – North Carolina”

North Carolina
December 17, 2012

LC – Logan, Iowa

I had been having trouble with my computer for some time, and this was very frustrating; it would work for maybe five minutes, then hang up and not work again without a restart, not a fun thing…. After talking to Mr. Martin and telling him my problems, he took control of my computer, fixed everything wrong with it, along with troubles from my Verizon wireless router; I am so happy with the results of his work, the computer is fun to work with again, just like when it was new!!! Money well spent. Thanks to Mr. Martin and his… Read more “LC – Logan, Iowa”

Police Officer (Retired) - Fixed-Wing/Helicopter Pilot - Veteran
Logan, Iowa
December 12, 2012

Karen Schreiner – Ankeny, Iowa

I had some frustrating issues with my computer. I kept getting error messages saying I couldn’t connect with Internet Explorer, problems with my e mail, problems getting my wireless printer connected, and problems with the way my email was set up, and more. I had spent a lot of time trying to fix the issues myself but it was beyond my abilities. At one time I had taken one of my computers to a tech that I knew. He was able to fix it but I was without my computer for a while and it was costly. I was so impressed with the way USA Technology Center worked – no need to take my pc out of my home, no need to have strangers in my home. The work was done remotely and safely with me sitting in front of my computer watching it all being fixed. The cost was reasonable and fair. I can testify that USA Technology Center is a trustworthy, reliable and skilled company to do business… Read more “Karen Schreiner – Ankeny, Iowa”

Karen Schreiner
Ankeny, Iowa
December 12, 2012

Val Black – Retired, Iowa

Just wanted to say a big, “Thanks” for hanging in there with me until a solution was found. Your instructions were very clear which made it much easier for this 75 year old retiree. God… Read more “Val Black – Retired, Iowa”

Val Black
December 11, 2012

GM – Published Author, Arizona

I am greatly satisfied with the excellent repair of my computer and email problems. Thank you for your professional… Read more “GM – Published Author, Arizona”

Published Author/Poet - Retired VP/President Elect Iowa Poetry Association - Who's Who of American Women
November 29, 2012

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