Joe Harrison

My computer was so slow I found myself taking short naps waiting for a response, (slight exaggeration), but not far from the truth. A technician named Dan took control of my computer from 1000 miles away. I was able to watch every action he took and got an education along the way. I finally had to go to sleep, but Dan spent 8.5 hours working on it and it is screaming fast now! He charged me only $100 for a standard cleanup and tune up. He also did a lot of neat customization that most computer store geeks would not have done. Added security options for better protection. Dan explained everything he performed on my PC in terms I could understand and recommended “Malwarebytes Premium” for additional protection. His rate is less than what a computer store geek would charge for far inferior service. You would be making a big mistake if you parted with your computer to a stranger for who knows how many days with who knows what kind of result.